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  Free Online Movie Making Books

Art of the Moving Picture 1922
Story of the Motion Picture 1920
Motion Picture Photography 1920
How Motion Pictures are Made 1918
Motion Picture Making 1914
Motion Picture Handbook 1916
Costume Design & Illustration 1918

The Film Industry 1921
The Theatre of Science 1914

Motion Picture Education 1917
The Film in Popular Education 1922
Advertising by Motion Pictures 1916

Motion Pictures & Legislation 1922
The Morals of the Movie 1922
The Cinema morals inquiry 1917

  Free Online Movie Theatre Books

Operating a Movie Theatre 1912
Motion Picture Projection 1921
Motion Picture Electricity 1914
Modern Theatre Construction 1917
Motion Pictures as Amusement 1919

  Free Online Screenwriting Books

Little Stories from the Screen 1917
The Photodrama in Fine Arts 1915
How to Write Photoplays 1916
Picture-Play Writing 1912
Original Photoplay Material 1920
The Photoplay Writer 1913
Motion Picture Directing 1922
Writing Motion Pictures 1914
The Photoplay: Psych Study 1916
The Photodrama 1914
Photoplay Making 1918
Technique of the Photoplay 1913
Cinema for Photoplaywrights 1920

  Free Online Screen Acting Books

Screen Acting Mae Marsh 1921
Breaking into Movies Anita Loos 1921
Motion Picture Acting 1913
Merton of the Movies 1922
Stage & Screen 1920
Behind the Screen 1919
Men & Women of the Screen 1920
Film Folk Close-Ups 1918

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  Classic Movies, YouTube Videos & Live Streaming Video's YouTube channel features documentary, educational & training
films which have been improved with both audio and video noise reduction.

  New VHS and DVD Movies

Walmart Movies has the low prices and wide selection you would expect at any Wal-Mart store. And if any item you order from them does not meet your expectations, you have your choice of returning them to any Walmart store, or by mail (some items such as computer hardware and components, heavy or large items that are identified as oversize on their item description pages and perishable products, such as flowers and food, cannot be returned to a store).

  TV Videos on DVD and VHS, and TV & Movie Collectible Merchandise

National Geographic Store sells DVDs of their fine documentary programs, plus CD-ROMS, books, magazines, maps and globes, travel products, photography gear, VHS videos, science tools, home decor, and toys and gifts for all ages.

The BBC America Shop offers the US audience the very best of British television DVDs, VHS videos, books, audio books, music, home décor, and collectibles developed around top BBC and British brands. Because the BBC America Shop is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC, its profits support the BBC's mission of enriching people's lives through innovative programs and services that inform, educate and entertain.

NBC Universal Store is the official store for all NBC Universal merchandise, including DVDs, soundtracks, clothing, accessories and collectibles from your favorite NBC Universal shows, movies and sporting events. They offer merchandise from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Friends, The Biggest Loser, Days of our Lives, Ed, ER, Fear Factor, Frasier, Crossing Jordan, Law & Order, Scrubs, Will & Grace, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live, Las Vegas, Last Call with Carson Daly, Meet the Press, Passions, The Apprentice, The Tonight Show, The West Wing, Today Show, Abbott & Costello, Cheers, Little House on the Prairie, Seinfeld, The Three Stooges and more.

The Warner Brothers Shop sells DVDs, toys, jewelry, posters, and more from Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema movies and TV shows like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Nightmare on Elm Street, Superman, Batman, Gossip Girl and amazing high quality photos from the WB Photo Collection. carries the entire DVD and Blu-ray catalog.

Hollywood Megastore sells movie still photos, movie posters, photo-realistic lifesize cutouts celebrities, and a variety of other tinseltown paraphernalia.

  DVD Recording (DVD Burning) Software, Blank DVDs, and Other Entertainment Merchandise

Nero provides over 20 applications in ONE solution with ease of use and cutting-edge technology. Burning CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and HD DVD, editing videos and digital photos, access to and burning of media files from TV using remote control, recording of TV programs, streaming content through connected digital home, encoding video to iPod® and PSP™, or completing an entire system backup, Nero Ultra Edition offers the most complete and comprehensive digital media solution available today.

Roxio Creator is the leading DVD and CD burning software package. Roxio also makes and sells the PhotoSuite® digital photo editor, VideoWave® video editor, VideoWave movie creator, Easy DVD Copy, and Toast MacOS DVD/CD burner software packages.

At the Super Media Store you can save up to 70% on blank DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, flash memory, and printer ink cartridges. Blank DVD brand names include Ritek, Optodisc, Samsung, Memorex, Verbatim, Radius and ProDisc. They have a 30 day return guarantee for most media, 15 days for most hardware (see website for details). They ship via UPS to the US, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. The do not ship internationally.

Meritline also has low prices on blank optical media, including blank DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, as well as blank CD-R and CD-RW discs. They sell cases, sleeves, & labels for your discs, and DVD & CD "burners," as well DVD & CD recording software. They also sell blank Zip & Jaz discs, VHS tapes, and other media, flash memory (USB, MMC, SD, Compact Flash, memory stick, etc.), and other peripherals and accessories.

  Best movie lists, greatest film lists, classic movie lists

American Film Institute: America's 100 Greatest Movies, .pdf
400 nominees for America's 100 Greatest Movies, .pdf's 300 Greatest Films
Leonard Maltin's 100 Must-See Films of the 20th Century
Mr. Showbiz's Critics' Picks: The 100 Best Movies of All Time
Mr. Showbiz's Readers' Picks: The 100 Best Movies of All Time
TV Guide's 50 Greatest Movies (on TV and Video)
Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time
Sight & Sound Magazine's 10 Best Films Polls
Guinness Book of Film's Top 100 Films
Movieline Magazine's 100 Best Movies Ever Made
Empire Magazine's 50 Best Films
Empire Magazine's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time
FilmFour's 100 Greatest Films of All Time
Village Voice's 100 Best Films of the 20th Century
San Francisco Chronicle's Vintage Video: A Hot 100 From Out of the Past
Time Out's Centenary Top 100 Films
Time Out's Readers' Top 100 Films
Video Detective's Top 100 Films of All Time

The Library of Congress' National Film Registry Titles
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Academy Awards Best Pictures

Greatest Films' Greatest Silent Films
Movieline Magazine's 100 Greatest Foreign Films
British Film Institute's 100 Favorite British Films of the 20th Century
Los Angeles Daily News Readers' Poll Greatest American Films

Greatest Films' Greatest Directors and their Best Films
Rolling Stone Magazine's 100 Maverick Movies of the Last 100 Years
Premiere Magazine's 100 Most Daring Movies Ever Made

New York Times' Essential Library 100 Recommended Children's Movies

Greatest Films' 100 Memorable and Great 'Chick' Flicks
O Magazine's 50 Greatest Chick Flicks
Maxim Magazine's 100 Greatest Guy Movies Ever Made
Men's Journal's 50 Best Guy Movies of All Time

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